- Writer / Producer / Actor "Mozzman"
is thrilled to be able to release the new film as writer / producer and actor of the title character. Film credits include "Film Noir Ichi," "The Woman," and "The Filtering of the Rising Sun," which he wrote and is producing in Japan and the United States. Recent stage credits include "The Stairs," "The Brain of the Brave," and "The Great Grateful Jizo," which he also wrote, produced and directed. Thanks to my ceaselessly supportive fans, friends and family!

CRIS UBERMANN  クリス・ユバーマン
- Cinematographer / Editor
is very pleased to be able to explore the Mozzman universe. He began making experimental short films in 90's at the prestigious Art School of Lyon in his native France. His urge to make films was triggered by extensive study of psychoanalysis (Freud, Lacan, Jung etc.), which led him to discover and pursue the powerful impact of "images in movement" on human subconsciousness. His current works include charity projects in collaboration with well-known humanitarians from around the world. His latest work “BKO Quintet,” a feature-length musical documentary, is expected to debut on TV in Europe in spring 2014. Thanks to my parents and great grandfather Prince Rigadin for being constant source of inspiration and LOVE!